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8 fan engagement activations that actually engaged fans!

8 fan engagement activations that actually engaged fans!

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  • sailing, elite, australian, partnership, sponsorship: May 19,2016
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8 fan engagement activations that actually engaged fans!

The best forms of fan engagement by sporting organisations are the ones that surprise and delight the fans, don’t cost the fan anything for a memorable experience and include every fan no matter their demographic. Some teams really know how to engage their fans and boost their brand, and we’ve pulled together our Top 8:

#8: Queens Park Rangers fans and their families were treated to a day of fun activities, including face-painting, games and entertainment, ensuring the club has fans for years to come!

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#7: The Green Bay Packers let their own fans decide who should win a prize, through a simple upload mechanic from fans dressed up in supporter gear. Encouraging voting for fans by fans creates more opportunity for engagement beyond just one promotion entry.

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#6: NBA team the Golden State Warriors teamed up with Peet’s Coffee to create a team coffee blend, which is available at the coffee shops and in the home stadium. To further engage fans in the local team community, a percentage of sales goes to a local children’s charity. The players got involved in the roasting and promotion of the cause. Two somewhat unlikely partners coming together to make fans happy!

#5: Sydney NRL team the Parramatta Eels turn fans’ smartphones and desktop computers in to a fanzone, with #blueandgold screen takeovers and wallpapers. This fan engagement happens when ever the fan looks at their phone!

#4: AFL team the Western Bulldogs call their junior fans and players ‘pups’. They ran an activation to scout a Junior reporter. The competition was judged on the answers to questions posed on the club’s website. The more enthusiastic and knowledgeable young pups who knew their stuff were invited to submit a report to the club’s magazine. Now there’s a way to recruit new blood to the club!

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#3: New Zealand Rugby wanted their fans to get closer to the team that ever before. Rather than making their jerseys out of the same stuff as other teams, Adidas developed adi-thread, which printed the names of competition-winning followers on to the thread (using nanotechnology) that then makes the jerseys of the players.

#2: Kia used their sponsorship of the Australian Open 2016 to create a Mosaic Timelapse using images tagged with #kiatennis and #aoselfie. The final artwork was created over the 12 days the tournament and features the 3 male and 3 female with the most wins of the Australian Open. 3200 images were used from a total of 18,000 instagram images analysed and placed in realtime. This was a way for EVERY fan to get involved by doing what they already do on their phones.

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#1: This simple fan engagement example doesn’t use any new technology, but it does a great job of giving Dragons fans a close-up look at their favourite players and an easy way to grab a fun photo of their mates or kids.