Sydney Harbour, Australia

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About 33SR

Welcome to 33 South Racing,

It has been a long time coming and I am very proud to be introducing our team and our vision to you.

33 SOUTH RACING is an Australian sailing team consisting of World Champion and Olympic sailors, racing in the world’s most extreme, most exciting and most followed yachting series – The Extreme Sailing Series.

We’re tired of seeing Australia’s top sailors racing for other countries or teams. That is why 33SR is committed to having Australian-only teams. If you’re like us then 33SR is the team for you to follow.


  • To produce great results – both on and off the water for ourselves and our commercial partners.
  • To become one of Australia’s legendary, professional yachting teams through selecting Australia’s best sailors, Australia’s best brands and training hard.
  • To inspire those who love sailing, love extreme sports and want to see Aussies succeed.
  • To provide a pathway for talented youths into a professional career in the sailing industry.

33SR was born from a desire to see a national team that all Australian sporting fans can get behind, one that is going represent them in the most exciting and compelling sailing series and circuits.

One of the most crucial elements for us when starting out was to create a team that can achieve all of the above while having longevity.

“Our goal is to create a team that can out-last the team founders”

Modern race formats bringing the compelling unscripted drama (racing) close to shore,  combined with latest technology creates an environment for successful commercial partnerships. For me it is the only way a team can achieve longevity and has been our focus from the very beginning.

I welcome you to join us on our journey, share in our passion for Australia, high level sailing racing and creating youth pathways.

Kind regards


Joshua Chant

Founder and manager.