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Extreme Sailing Series

One of the world’s newest yachting events (racing since 2007), the Extreme Sailing Series is a global series of in-port races using 40-foot catamarans with asymmetric spinnakers. Click here to see the Extreme 40 boat up close.

The event has excited and wowed audiences in Europe, America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East, as well as millions more through TV and internet broadcasting.

The event was the first to bring explosive, professional sailing races in close to shore so that huge spectator audiences could experience the racing clearly in front of them – some even getting sprayed with salt water from passing teams! Prior to this event, only those with expensive binoculars or tickets on spectator boats could enjoy the action up close.

As well as being a crowd-pleaser, the Extreme Sailing events cater for sponsors, VIPs and their guests. Like many other Extreme 40 boats, 33SR invites its sponsors ON BOARD for selected races and during training sessions. No other type of sailing can offer this experience!

Did you know that a number of teams have achieved a global media value for their sponsors in the range of 4 – 5 MILLION EUROS ANNUALLY!

Click here to meet the 33 South Racing Team.