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Skipper Katie Spithill shares her tips for running the team and a family.

Skipper Katie Spithill shares her tips for running the team and a family.

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Skipper Katie Spithill shares her tips for running the team and a family.

Skipper of Extreme Sailing team 33 South Racing has been busy running one of Sydney’s biggest Yacht Clubs and being a Mum to daughter Chloe, but we managed to catch her for five minutes for a Q&A on pro sailing and life!

Q: Your travel tips for anyone heading overseas to sail?
A: Allow extra time when travelling to any destination to settle in, get on the local time, try to get fresh food into your body and get ready for racing.

Q: How do you achieve work/life balance?
A: Finding a home/work/life balance is always going to be tricky. I thought it was hard before, but now it is a whole new level having a 3 year old. The most important thing for me is to be as organised as possible and plan ahead to make sure there is a healthy balance.

Q: What’s keeping you fit right now?
A: I love getting out and doing exercise (ssh but I won’t admit to it), I find keeping fit not only is obviously a necessity on the water but also great for the mind, body and general wellbeing. I have completed 2 Marathons in the last 12 months as cross training and this year plan to complete in a triathlon which is a lot of new skills to perfect.

Q: Any advice for health and nutrition while racing?
A: Water, water, water!! I believe that we typically don’t drink enough water each day, which then sends us into a vicious cycle of hunger and thirst and poor food choices.

Q: What are your favourite foods on board?
A: I eat a lot of nuts when racing but my weakness is definitely chocolate, white/milk/dark I’m not fussy!!

Q: How important are fast decision-making skills for your kind of sailing?
A: Competing on the Match Racing Circuit and sailing the extreme 40 both require split second decisions. If you hesitate you either lose the lead in the race, or in the Extreme 40 you crash into another boat or worse still capsize the boat!

Q: What’s your favourite restaurant here or overseas?
A: Definitely Barbutos in Narrabeen!! I would eat there everyday if we had the money, though in saying that my clothes wouldn’t fit anymore. Also and fresh Japanese restaurants.

Q: What’s the best place to sail?
A: I’ve sailed in some amazing destinations over my sailing career spanning from the Caribbean through Europe, America, Japan and Korea. Each venue holds a special place whether it was performance based or memories of friends and scenery.

Q: What tech gadgets can’t you live without?
A: I love the Go Pro Camera because lets us collect training footage but at the moment I have a watch fetish. I have my sailing watch, my dress watch, my Garmin running watch and my new addition is a Fitbit HR which reminds me to get up off my arsenal during office work days.